What is the Youth Success Project?

Youth Success Project is designed to support 6th-12th grade students in preparation for post-secondary education. We offer FREE monthly sessions that include topics such as financial aid, college essays, scholarships, and financial aid. Youth in grades 6th through 8th build on life skills, such as bullying, leadership, and teamwork. Community service projects are also a core part of this program to remind students that being an active community member has a lasting, positive impact.


Our Mission

Our mission is to engage underserved youth and families in college preparatory experiences to encourage and inspire pursuit and completion of higher education. YSP supports and develops future leaders through mentorship, access to resources, and community service.


Our Vision

Our vision is to formulate a path for families to acquire long term financial stability and transformational opportunities through success in higher education, vocational training, and/or military enlistment.


Hard Work



Good Decisions

My name is Elizabeth Schiller and I am Graduate student in social work at West Texas A&M University. I joined CSI in June of 2017 and I could not have made a better choice! Lanitra Barringer is the heart and soul of the program and I feel that I have learned such invaluable skills during my time here. The students are always respectful and excited to be there and the team members are amazing! Lanitra makes everyone feel like part of the team and she encouraged me to seek out new skills that have helped to build my confidence tremendously. CSI is fun, fast paced, and as a student I have learned a great amount about what it takes to run a successful non-profit. Lanitra always says that the way to keep people is to show them they are appreciated, but we truly appreciate her!"

My name is Essie Contreraz and my husband Jacob and I are the proud parents of five children. One of my favorite things about the program is they get the kids involved in the community with volunteering. They have exposed my children to so many great opportunities. Taking them on trips so they can see and learn about different colleges in and out of our area. I believe my children can and will reach all their goals. The mentors are very positive and inspiring not only to the children but to the parents. Lanitra says “if there is a will, there is a way.” I have been a stay at home mom for most of my children’s lives, and decided I have a will and it’s time for me to find my way. I am currently a student at Amarillo College studying education.”

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